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This happened in a couple of the sub-revisions of JAWS 14, and has
disappeared completely during JAWS 15 revisions. I pointed out the problems
as they arose in JAWS 14 last year, and I guess they have intentionally (or
otherwise) fixed it.

Knock on wood.

Dave Carlson
Soon-to-be Oregonian, retired, full-time Farfar, musician, and woodworker

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JAWS has come up with a new phrase, when using Outlook. We're using 2010,
and I'm still using JAWS 14. When I tab through the CC field, JAWS says
something like "In Number 13;". This only happens when reading messages,
not on messages I create. It's no big thing, but I wonder what it's
seeing, or what it thinks it's seeing.


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