Re: JAWs and remote access.

Dave Durber


unless your friend uses TeamViewer or Real VNC, your friend would more than likely use Remote Desktop, which comes With Windows and is installed during the installation process.

In that case, your friend would need JAWS Remote Access, Which costs $200.00. This is because remoteDesktop, like Citrix, presents the screen on the remote computer, as a graphic, on the client computer.



Dave Durber

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Hi. The question is one presented to me by a friend. I told him I would
try and get some feedback. He wants to be able to have control of another
person's computer remotely using JAWS. He says he has tried the JAWS tandom
feature with little success. This is not a good option anyway because in
order for him to utilize tandom, he has to have the other person type in the
code that is generated. He wants to be able to use JAWS to control his
computer, when he is not there. Does anyone on this list have any thoughts
on the best way to use JFW remotely? Both computers have JAWS on them.

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