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Dorothy <dorothy.ingram-gorban@...>

Normally there is a free version and for offices a paid version,but I
should ask the makers yourself,since as I emailed off list for a while it
did not work with jaws then after some pressure issued a version thatdid. I
removedmine last Year on one pc and in spring on another for reasons
mentioned once saved in an external drive and then put onto a new computer
they are tagged as attachments when they are not,also getting rid of it
meant it had to be dug outof the registry I forget name of maker but why not
email them and get in writing or email a confirmation regarding screen
readers? Regards Dorothy

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Hi just downloaded AVG 2011 30 day trial version. I don't know how it
was before but the current version is accessible. I won't say 100% but
it's useable. I was able to go in to the control pannel change some
settings, I'm able to click on all buttons and I'm currently busy
doing a scan.

On 8/23/11, Nickus de Vos <> wrote:
Hi I am looking for a new anti virus program, planning to buy AVG 2011
but will first try out the free version also s\using latest jaws 12
and windows 7.

On 8/23/11, Dorothy <> wrote:
I assume you mean the free version? it is wise to ask since for a time a
few years ago avg. stopped working with jaws,but latter changed their
after many protests, I used to use it but not now my reason and I am not
sure why this happens is although I set it correctly once information was
saved in an external drive and then put onto another computer avg tags
very often as attachments,when they are not. also getting rid of it is
it needs almost digging out of your registry,I am using essentials and
malware bytes,hope I have spelt that right,and on both a windows 7
and an old XP and they are fine regards
Dorothy laptop
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I would like to hear from anyone who has tried using the new AVG
Security 2011 with JAWS.
I am using the latest build of JAWS 12. Before upgrading from AVG 9 to
2011; I would like to hear the experiences of those who have tried this
version of AVG. I am not looking for any specific guidance on using
product. I am simply wanting to confirm whether or not this latest
is still accessible using JAWS.




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