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Dave Durber


Thanks for the information.

In addition to the iTunes question, what is the program you use to play video files, such as .mp4 and .avi?

As well as playing compressed video files, will it play standard video and Blue Ray from DVD disks?

How accessible is the program using JAWS?

Thanks in advance for any information.


Dave Durber

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Works out of the box, but it's a very busy interface and take a while to
figure out how it's organized. Part of the problem I had was with controls
that didn't makes sense, so that I didn't realize I could press enter or
spacebar on them.

There are a set of scripts for iTunes developed by John Martin that take
some of the mystery out of iTunes, called Blind Scripts. I believe his web
site is
like a tab that could be
Dave Carlson
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Subject: Which version of the iTunes software to use

Hello everyone:

I am thinking of signing up for an iTunes account.

Not so long ago on the list, there was a discussion as to the latest version
of the iTunes software and its lack of accessibility.

Is this still the case?

Have scripts been written to overcome the access problems?

If not, which version of the iTunes software is reasonably or most

And, where can I download it?

And, are there JFW scripts available for that version?

What is the site where I can download the scripts?

All help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Dave Durber

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