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Dave Durber


Before going to that expense, unless it is really necessary, think about doing the following:

1. Look in the start option of MSConfig, to see if you really need all the things that are listed there, really need to be started when Windows starts.

2. Install a program such as Malware Bytes, to scan your computer for spyware and spamware. Both spyware and spamware, can slow down your computer considerably.

3. Use the Disk Cleanup utility, to have Windows do what it claims to do, that is, clean your hard drive of unnecessary files.

Note: If you have never run this utility before, the process may take several hours to complete. However, if you then use the utility on a frequent basis, for example, once a week, the clean up process is very short.

4. Install a program, such as CCleaner, which will not only clean your computer of additional old files but, can clear the registry of out-of-date and no-longer needed keys and other settings, which are no longer required or used by Windows.

5. Use the Defrag utility to reorganize and compact the files on the hard drive.

6. You may want to think about increasing the amount of memory, that is, if it does not already have the maximum memory installed. If your computer is a proprietary brand computer, contact a company, such as, give them, the model of the computer and, they will more than likely,be able to tell you the maximum amount of memory that system can hold. If your computer is not a proprietary brand, find out the motherboard make and model number and you can get the same information for that motherboard.

To find out how much memory is installed on the motherboard, tap the LEFT WINDOWS KEY, and type "memory" in the Search edit field. There is no need to press ENTER, to activate the search.

When the result window opens, tap the DOWN ARROW key, until you get to, "Show how much RAM is on this computer". Press ENTER, to open this option.

Use the JAWS or Invisible cursor, use the PGDN key, to go to the bottom of the screen. Tap the UP ARROW key, until JAWS reads the line with the memory information. It is quicker to go to the bottom of the screen and move up to get the information, rather than going to the top of the screen and moving down to the information.

For example, when I purchased my HP laptop, it came with 4 GB of RAM. The person at, told me that my computer could hold up to 16 GB. I purchased an additional 8 GB, which cost me $45.90. And, as I was in no hurry to receive the shipment, I did not pay for shipping. The amazing thing was, that I received the package the next day.

7. Finally, you may want to consider setting the size of the swap file manually to a fixed size.

Other list members may have other ideas.



Dave Durber

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I need to get a new computer as my old desktop is 3.5 years old and is slow
to boot up. Unfortunately it has to run Windows 7 because the scripts I
have for JFW for a program I use at work would all have to be rewritten if I
used Windows 8 and JFW 15. Can anyone recommend a computer?


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