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Michael Mote

Rhonda. I would still apply for the job. There is the possibility of
scripts being written in order to make a program or an application
accessible with JAWS. I would contact your Vocational Rehabilitation office
for help. They should be able to conduct a on-sight job assessment, if the
company's willing to cooperate. They should be willing to provide
reasonable accommodations for you. Good luck!

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Subject: question about possibly applying for a job

I have thought about applying to a place called Omni Call near me. This is
an answering service. They tell me they use infinity software for their
agents to record calls. I can't seem to find any information about
accessibility with Jaws. I even went on the Infinity site and sent in a
request to tech support, and left a voice mail with no answer. Nothing on
the internet answers my question. I see others havve inquired about this
software; but no answer as to whether it is accessible or not. I suspect it
isn't or someone would have found out by now. So, question is, is it a waste
of time to apply when I don't even suspect the software is accessible?
Thank you for your thoughts
Rhonda Partain.
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