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Charles Krugman

You have several possible options to address this issue. First, contact Freedom Scientific to ascertain whether they have knowledge of this software. Second apply for the job and when the issue comes up regarding accessibility contact your state rehab agency to conduct an evaluation to determine whether the software is accessible. third, you could meet with the company to have them work with you to determine whether the software is used and how the job might be adapted. Unfortunately much of the software if it is cloud-based is not accessible though.

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I have thought about applying to a place called Omni Call near me. This is
an answering service. They tell me they use infinity software for their
agents to record calls. I can't seem to find any information about
accessibility with Jaws. I even went on the Infinity site and sent in a
request to tech support, and left a voice mail with no answer. Nothing on
the internet answers my question. I see others havve inquired about this
software; but no answer as to whether it is accessible or not. I suspect it
isn't or someone would have found out by now. So, question is, is it a waste
of time to apply when I don't even suspect the software is accessible?
Thank you for your thoughts
Rhonda Partain.
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