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This is definitely a case where your state agency's tech staff, if they are
at all responsive, could evaluate the situation. The interface won't be
accessible out of the box, but might be able to be scripted. This
specialized activity is the sort of thing agencies for the blind can and
should do if they're properly equipped.


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Hello Listers,

I have a job interview with an insurance company. I inquired as to
the software system/setup they use for the customer service position I
would be interviewing for. Below is the information the human resource
individual gave me with respect to the technology that is utilized in
this customer service position. I have received some initial feedback
about this information, but thought I would post it here to see if any
other individuals know anything further. I have cut and pasted what
the HR individual said below:

"Thank you for your question. Our system is IBM based AS400. It is
programmed internally, and it is not windows based. I do not know if JAWS
will work with our environment. I can check into it, however, and let you

Does the IBM AS400 set up work with JAWS? I am not technically savvy,
programming language and what not, so what he said was greek to me.
Any additional information would be greatly appreciated as to the
accessibility of their set-up. If you have anything that would be
helpful for me to pass along in subsequent conversations, please feel
free to share. Thank you in advance. -Andrew-

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