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Richard Holloway

I can’t give you an absolute answer but maybe this will help in general. Providing a link to the particular document may get you a more specific response, but a pdf is an extremely broad sort of format. It packages the contents into a way to access the data on many different computers, and some of what may be contained can be different kinds/formats of text and different kinds/formats of illustrations, including photos.

Where this becomes important is often times, people will scan various print documents— effectively making the text as well as any graphics-based content into one giant graphic file (or a series of graphic images in a multi-page document). The resulting file no longer contains any actual “text" to be read, as a photo of the letter A and a photo of a face, or a toaster (or a photo of you-name-it) is just a photo.

You may be able to run the files through some sort of OCR program to pick up the text, but again, I’m just guessing the problem since I’m just guessing the issue is scans of text.

On Feb 13, 2014, at 1:22 PM, Denise J Moses <denisejmoses@...> wrote:

I was trying to view a website that had job openings in a PDF. JAWS says
empty document. How can I read this file? I have Internet Explorer 9,
Windows Vista & JAWS 14.

Thank you.


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