Adding or deleting media on iPhone without iTunes

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I recently started using Jaws 15. Today I downloaded the latest version of CopyTrans Manager, and was shocked to see it worked without Jaws scripts.
can someone help confirm this by downloading CopyTrans Manager? use the below link.
Try it with Jaws 15, Windows 7 64bit PC.
For those of you that dont know, CopyTrans Manager is a free program that will allow you to add, edit, or delete Apps, Ringtones, Videos, or music on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad without using iTunes.
After downloading CopyTrans Manager.exe, press enter on it to run the program.
A window will open. you should be on a checkbox.
press spacebar to check it then press escape.
Now the copytrans manager window should open.
Jaws will not focus on the window correctly, so minimize to the Desktop then alt+Tab back to CopyTrans Manager window.
You should hear Jaws announce 1 combo box iPhone 5S. Note yours may be different, because I have a iPhone 5S.
From this combo box, shift+Tab once to land in the list of files on your iPhone, such as books. music...
press the applications key and arrow up twice to the add ... and press enter.
The Open/Browse window will open to allow you to add media to your iPhone.
Once you have added files, press insert+Page Down to hear if if adding files is complete.
if so, press alt+F4 to close the program.
it will ask you to save the changes. at least that is how I have mine setup not to automatically save the changes. But we can talk about setting the options later.
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