reminder, about the linkedin free webinar today at noon eastern

Michael Babcock <empoweringtheblind@...>

If you are curious on how to use the site LinkedIn with jaws, you might want to check out the webinar that is going to be hosted from freedom scientific today at noon eastern. I found the Facebook webinar to be very useful personally, so, I just wanted to send a reminder real quick in order to let people know about the LinkedIn webinar. , check it and the other webinars out hear:
Click on the “Archives of Free Webinar Training” link if you missed the Facebook webinar and or you just want to listen to it again…
and if you want to you can connect with me on Linked in hear:
hope this helps someone.

Michael Babcock
I work from home, and you can two! Learn how hear:
contact me after you have viewed the overview video with any questions,
phone: 406-212-8503
“The Best things in life are unseen, that’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, and dream”, —Unknown

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