Re: Log Me In and Jaws

Brad Martin

I haven't tried this in a long time, but unless there have been major breakthroughs in technology, I would not expect this to work. The reason is that a Log Me In window is nothing more than a picture of the other computer's screen. It isn't text that JAWS can manipulate. You might be able to OCR that screen, but you still would have a difficult time interacting with it.

I just went looking for the tandem feature that allows you to interact with another computer running JAWS, but I can't seem to find it right off. I thought that might have better possibilities for you. However, as a long-time WireReady user myself, I know you have unique challenges doing that, because you don't want your JAWS audio going out over the air. Someone with actual real-world Tandem experience should probably take over this topic. I've only read about it; never done it.


On 2/4/2014 3:41 PM, Paul Stebbins wrote:
Hello from Omaha, I need some help with loging in remotely to another
computer, here at work. We use the WireReady automation system on the
air. I set up a new account with logmein and I am able to log in to
the other computer. Jaws will not read the window for remote
controlling the on-air computer. Jaws only reads the Browser window
for Internet Explorer. Has anyone successfully used Jaws with Log Me
In? Thank you for your help.

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