Re: Speech in Bios.

Dave Durber

Hello Michael:

Unfortunately, HP has disabled the ability to change the behaviour of the function keys in their OEM version of Windows. So, like me, your friend will have to get someone with sight to do this for them.

However, once it is done, it is permanent, unless the lythium battery runs flat or, the BIOS is reset to factory defaults.



Dave Durber

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Hi folks! Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know there is no way
for a blind user to work in Bios with speech? Someone has asked me this
question. Is there a way to have speech when booting up and getting to the
Bios screen? He is using an HP computer, and his function keys are not
working right. He needs to change a setting in the Bios settings so he can
have the function keys back. Many thanks!

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