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Go to the Control Panel

Select Ease of Access to enter the Ease of Access Center.

choose "Make the computer easier to see".

Uncheck the boxes for Turn on Narrator and Turn on Audio Description under
Hear text and descriptions read aloud.

Click Save and close the Control Panel. After restarting your computer the
Microsoft Narrator will no longer voice.

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This may work. Go to the start menu and type ease for ease of access center
and when you are on ease of access center press enter key. The ease of
accesss center dialog will appear and tab around and you should be able tgo
uncheck the narrator checkbox. If you do not see this it may be in the
button called use without a screen. Hope this helps. Maybe wait later today
for better help.

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This may be a dumb question, but how do you stop narrator from starting
every time you start your computer?

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