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Thanks for the reply. I do back up my iPhone via iCloud. But I've noticed
whenever I attach my phone to my PC it asks if I want to download my phone
purchases to iTunes and since with this method of going back to older
version you delete the version currently on your phone before you connect
it it won't download the newer version to itunes so therefore you can
(apparently) just select the app out of the list in iTunes then click sync
and it will sync the older version from iTunes onto your phone. But like
you say since I back up to iCloud I'm not sure if this overwrites what is
stored in iTunes or not, but I'm not sure if it does or not. Well if I can't
find a way of getting jaws to access this treeview I'll have to wait until a
sighted friend next pops over and ask them to take a look. I'll let you know
the outcome.


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One point is that if you are backing up using iCloud and not on your
computer, then you won't get the old version back. iCloud knows what apps
you own, and will automatically sync up to the latest version. iCloud only
stores the name of the app, not the app itself.

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I wanted to roll back a program on my iPhone. I've seen there is a method
of doing this using iTunes , you delete the app from your phone and select
apps once your Iphone is connected and then there should be a list where
you can select the previous version and download it to your phone. When I
cycle to this point with jaws 14, it tells me 34 apps and that there is a
treeview of these apps, but jaws doesn't seem to allow me to navigate the
treeview . has anyone else had this issue and found a way around it? I'm
running the latest version of iTunes but it was having the same problem
with the previous version too I even brought blind tunes to see if that
would help but am still having the same issue when using blind tunes too.

Any help would be much appreciated


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