Optimizing Display/Graphics Settings For Windows 7

Kane Brolin

Hello, everybody.

Not long after upgrading my laptop to Windows 7, I started
experiencing accessibility problems when I attempted to install and
use the latest version (8.3) of the Applian Replay A/V multimedia
stream capture product. As a result, I've begun to wonder what the
optimal display settings are for Windows 7 if one is running JAWS 11
or above. I've noticed that the various display options I can set as
a user are much more refined in Windows 7, with not all of them being
grouped in the same menu or part of the Control Panel as what I
remember from Windows XP. For example, there is even a setting for
whether I want the screen to be viewed in Landscape mode or Portrait
mode--(mine was set to Landscape by default, surprisingly enough). So
my main question is whether FS has published a comprehensive training
guide to optimization of visual settings specifically for the Windows
7 OS.

For anyone with particular knowledge about the Applian Capture Suite:
My disappointment started when I discovered that much of Replay A/V
appears to be inaccessible to me--as in when I attempt to find and
select a specific Internet radio station or to order up a customized
recording for a later time. The only way I've found to use this
program even partially is through utilizing the JAWS Cursor; but even
with this method I can't effectively search for a radio or TV station,
nor can I set the start and stop time for an intended recording. In
the past I've never had to use any kind of JAWS scripts for this
program, nor have I seen that any were ever written. I never had to
use the JAWS Cursor--just the application cursor in conjunction with
Tab and Arrow keys. The Media Guide used to look exactly like a Web
browser screen, and I read it easily in XP using the Virtual PC Cursor
just as I would read a Webpage using Internet Explorer 8.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Kind regards,


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