Re: A further question re the dot vs period problem

Dave Durber


If it is possible to copy the End Paragraph symbol to the clipboard and then into the dictionary editor, preceeded by the period, you could then write the word "period" (without the quotes), in the replacement field, which should take care of the problem. But, the question is: can you copy and paste the End Paragraph Symbol to the edit field in the JAWS Dictionary Manager.


Dave Durber

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Subject: A further question re the dot vs period problem

Hi All,

Well, I got an answer from FS re the period being announced as dot
problem. Not surprisingly, they said all I can do is turn off the
paragraph marks which, as we already discussed, is not a practical
solution while doing detailed editing of a document. But I had another

Would it be feasible to write a script to address the problem? I'm not
an expert at scripting so wanted to get some opinions before I spend
time trying to do something that may not even be possible.




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