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Steve Matzura

Haha, don't laugh at me (too hard) for posting this almost seven
months late, but I found it of interest to tell you that on one of my
systems, drag and rop only works if I use the right CONTROL key on my
keyboard, not the left one. Any ideas why this would be, why Windows
would care or even know which key I used? I know that every key on a
keyboard sends a different scan code, but even unto left versus right
control keys? Wow!

On Mon, 1 Jul 2013 10:21:35 -0700, you wrote:

Hi All,

I have never tried dragging & dropping with Jaws so, I thought I would give
it a try. Well, I have tried & tried & for whatever reason I can't get it
to work. Here is what I'm doing:
1. Highlighting the file I want to drag in my My Documetnts folder &,
invoking the keystroke control, insert, + numpad slash.
2. Now, I open the destination folder &, invoke the keystroke control,
insert, + numpad slash to drop the file.

Well, it's not working! Would someone please explain how to drag & drop
with Jaws, the correct way?! All help will be appreciated immensely! Thank
you all very much.
Take care.
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