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Adrian Spratt

Dean, I copy the following paragraph from a post by Gary King:

In Windows 7, press the Windows Key and type ease into the search box. Then press Enter on Ease of Access Center. When the Ease of Access Center appears, tab over to the Use the Computer without a Display link and press Enter. Next, tab to the How long should Windows Notification Dialogs Stay Open combo Box and choose from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. Thirty seconds or 1 minute should be adequate. I wouldn't want those balloons hanging around too long; they might block access to other items on the screen.

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Ignorant question: How do you extend the time Baloons stay on screen, in
windows 7, windows 8, or both?



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What I do is, after extending how long balloons stay displayed, and after
that a balloon is announced, I just left mouse click once. and if I wait too

long, I look for it in the notification area with a Windows+B, nav to
whatever it was and press the spacebar or enter key...
the other alternative is to use insert+f7, nav to the item, either tab to
right click button, do a right click or simply press enter...

different techniques for different situations, ahe?

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What is the JAWS keystroke to click a balloon / tooltip? I know I can
changed the settings for how long the balloon stays before it disappears in
the Ease of access.
I see Malwarebytes uses balloons / tooltips so I need to know how to click
on balloons when they pop up.
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