Re: balloons keystroke is?


What I do is, after extending how long balloons stay displayed, and after
that a balloon is announced, I just left mouse click once. and if I wait too
long, I look for it in the notification area with a Windows+B, nav to
whatever it was and press the spacebar or enter key...
the other alternative is to use insert+f7, nav to the item, either tab to
right click button, do a right click or simply press enter...

different techniques for different situations, ahe?

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Subject: balloons keystroke is?

What is the JAWS keystroke to click a balloon / tooltip? I know I can
changed the settings for how long the balloon stays before it disappears in
the Ease of access.
I see Malwarebytes uses balloons / tooltips so I need to know how to click
on balloons when they pop up.
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