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I think Darran's suggestion and the directions you posted do different things somehow. I did it your way, and boy I had all sorts of choices for emulating different environments including Google Chrome and IE for Windows phone; there were even options I couldn't understand. Darran's suggestion was simpler, but I don't know exactly what that version of "Compatibility view" does. Compatible with what? Ie10, IE 8, IE 6, Firefox? Again, certain things that worked with IE10 just don't work with IE11. However, is it possible for you to use Firefox? Or is it like my software at work that requires IE? Firefox has really solved most of the problems in my Internet life with JAWS.


On 1/29/2014 11:48 AM, Adrian Spratt wrote:

Thanks for testing this method and reporting your findings. Fortunately, as I've just posted, Darren's alternative method works perfectly.

Like you with Facebook, however, solving the compatibility question hasn't solved the basic access problem.

I have to wonder if FS has addressed in JAWS 15 whatever lies behind what seem to me to be increasing web access difficulties. But based on reports on this list, I hesitate to install it, even though my SMA entitles me to.

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Playing with this a little more, here's what seems to be happening:

1. You open a website.
2. When you take the steps you outlined, the Toolbar disappears because
the page is instantly reloaded in IE 10 compatibility mode.

3. If you press F12, you go back to Default mode.

I thought I'd try this to see if the problems that IE 11 introduced in
Facebook would resolve if I told the computer to pretend I was back in
IE 10. No such luck.


On 1/29/2014 11:02 AM, Adrian Spratt wrote:
In the course of trying to identify why I can't read certain parts of their website with JAWS, a company has asked me to put IE11 in compatibility mode. Below I'll list the steps I take to get there. Unfortunately, either I'm not succeeding or I don't know how to confirm that I've succeeded after all.

1. F12 to open the developer toolbar.

2. control-8 to bring up emulation.

3. Arrow down to "10."

Here's where things go haywire. As soon as JAWS verbalizes "10," the entire toolbar disappears.

Any ideas?
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