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Hi Chris,

I am trying to report this Almahdhy A'hole to Gmail, but how do get the
information they require? The help link that is provided for finding the
required headers gives that dreaded " 404 message." Do you use the Internet
Headers from the details page in message properties or the message source
headers? All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, take care.

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Subject: Unwanted Racist Emails from'madi

I wasn't going to post on this matter again. However, I quickly
found the place to report abuse to Gmail.l.

I believe Mostafa Al'Mahdy harvested my email address from this or
similar blindness-related listserves. Since he has chosen to
ignore my public and private requests to not be mailed any more of
his political rantings, I have reported him to Gmail. Those of you
receiving similar mail may wish to do likewise.
The form at this URL requests message headers, gmail user id of the
offending party, and the message body of one of the offending
emails, so be sure to have that handy to paste into the right places.


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