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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I'm going to pose a question here that I am also raising with FS. SMA aside, if you're a Windows 7 user, with no desire to upgrade in the near future, what is the incentive for JAWS 15? Is it an upgrade in search of a purpose?


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Heya folks,

Running the latest Jaws 15 update on a Windows 7 64 home PC am getting a couple of weird issues that I want to share with the group and also see if this is happening to others also.

In firefox I load up a group of websites every morning as I have done for years since this Jaws update, the firefox tabs load up all over the shop and not in the order they have been saved and as all previous versions of Jaws have loaded them, also I tried NVDA with my firefox tabs and they worked normally so I uninstalled the new updated version 15. 06025 of Jaws and then reinstalled 15.05056, I now can access my saved TABS in firefox as before as the new update had them allover the shop and changing as each paged loaded up. There was a mention on tabs but to be honest this new release has more Braille related updates than ones involving the Jaws speech, also another issue is Jaws changes voice tone when reading emails in Office 2010, so am now back with the previous version of Jaws 15.05056.



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