Re: Latest Jaws and some issues

Soronel Haetir

I've certainly noticed some issues with FF and the latest jaws update:

I don't use tabs if I can help it, and have my homepage set to blank,
so FF loads to an empty tab set for me. With prior jaws versions I
used to be able to type right away, that the cursor was in the address
bar. Now I am pretty sure the cursor is actually still in the address
bar, but it is as if the scripts don't quite detect that until I do
something else (like alt tab away from FF then back, or tab to the
search bar etc) As an example, if I start a FF window and type 'g'
before it would begin the completion process and come up with 'gmail'
with the latest jaws update the g triggers the virtual document crawl
looking for a graphic (which it of course does not find)..

Also, I've noticed that there seem to be problems detecting the active
document, I will right click select open in a new window, immediately
hit alt-tab to go back to the source page and jaws will often think
the new window is active, rather than the source window.

I have also encountered cases where I switch away from FF to some
other program and jaws does not detect that Firefox is no longer the
active program (my FF voice settings remain active, for example). To
the point that if I hit jaws + ctrl +s the program that would be
alters is firefox even though some other program had focus.

On 1/27/14, Jim L <jimscave@...> wrote:
Heya folks,

Running the latest Jaws 15 update on a Windows 7 64 home PC am getting a
couple of weird issues that I want to share with the group and also see if
this is happening to others also.

In firefox I load up a group of websites every morning as I have done for
years since this Jaws update, the firefox tabs load up all over the shop
not in the order they have been saved and as all previous versions of Jaws
have loaded them, also I tried NVDA with my firefox tabs and they worked
normally so I uninstalled the new updated version 15. 06025 of Jaws and
reinstalled 15.05056, I now can access my saved TABS in firefox as before
the new update had them allover the shop and changing as each paged loaded
up. There was a mention on tabs but to be honest this new release has more
Braille related updates than ones involving the Jaws speech, also another
issue is Jaws changes voice tone when reading emails in Office 2010, so am
now back with the previous version of Jaws 15.05056.



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