Problem with MAGic and JAWS

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This may be borderline for this list. If the it is considered off topic, I
apologize, and I'll take it to another list. I have a client who has a
Toshiba netbook running Win 7. She recently sent it to Toshiba because it
had a bad hard drive which needed to be replaced. She reinstalled JAWS and
MAGIC, and everything seemed to be fine for a while. the problem came when
she installed the daisy training materials. After she did this, MAGic would
not run. It kept saying that the MAGic engine could not start. Freedom
Scientific is telling her that the problem needs to be fixed by Toshiba.
Toshiba is saying that it needs to be fixed by freedom Scientific. My first
thought is to uninstall MAGic, including shared files, and then reinstall
it. My questions are:

1. Will her JAWS survive this process, or will I have to reinstall it too?

Does anyone out there have any other ideas of things I could try in order to
get MAGic working again?

As far as I know she is running the latest versions of both products. If
she's not, she will be when I'm done working on the machine. Any help would
be appreciated.

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