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paul lemm


Just regarding the capture code, if this is on a website if you use firefox
as your browser you can add the 'webvisum' addon which is a tool for
blind/visually impaired people that will solve web capture codes for you. it
works out the code then puts the results into your clipboard so you can then
just paste the code where it needs to go. its very handy and pretty good at
working out the codes


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I have to disagree about the ease of removing using the Norton Removal Tool.
I attempted this yesterday. I got to a point where there was a capta (not
sure if I am spelling that correctly). As I had no way of seeing that, I
was not able to use the removal tool. If someone is available to enter the
code for you, then it might be easy...

Lee Anne

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If Norton is still the same as it was a few years ago, you need a removal
tool, which they have on their site, to remove it. Once you find it, it's
very easy to remove.


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From: Thomas Williams
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Subject: Norton antivirus part2

The reason I asked for help with Norton, is because in the add/remove
program it would not uninstall, I still need help.

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