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Another thing is that if you have a Focus 40 Blue, aren't you sort of
limited to Jaws?

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I don't know what the future of JAWS is, but I can tell you that this JAWS
user isn't going anywhere. There are a few reasons for that. The biggest one
is that I know JAWS and have used it for so long that I just can't imagine
making the change. I also don't like the fact that you can't input
contracted Braille with Window-eyes like you can with JAWS. It's not
necessarily that I need it, but it's a good feature to have at times. I
probably will take advantage of the offer for the purposes of working with
my students, but I seriously doubt I'll stop paying for SMA's any time soon.

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Subject: The Future of JAWS

As many of you may have learned from other lists, Freedom Scientific's main
rival in the commercial screen reader market has announced that it will
offer its screen reader absolutely free and unrestricted to users with
licensed versions of Windows Office 2010 and higher. How will this
development affect us JAWS users? Will hordes of JAWS users flock to the
competition and force JAWS into oblivion? Will FS be forced to make a
counter move and offer JAWS for free on a similar basis to remain viabole?
In short, what is the future of JAWS in light of this stunning announcement,
and do we loyal JAWS users have any cause for concern?
Any thoughts ?


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