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I agree very much. May jaws grow and just get better.

On 15/01/2014, Robin Frost <> wrote:
Gentle people if I might enter my 2 cents into the fray for whatever it is
or isn't worth. Firstly it has only been less than 48 hours since this
announcement has come to light not exactly eons in the world of corporate
communications. Freedom Scientific is under no obligation to make any public

comments on the matter one way or another nor are any of the other screen
reader producers. It is my humble opinion that this might not be the
cataclysmic polar shift causing event some categorize it as being. While it

is an interesting marketing strategy and could be a viable alternative for
some I suspect that screen reader producers and venders will continue to
happily hum along selling fully licensed versions of their products because

people will still in some circumstances need to or desire to have fully
functioning versions with no restrictions and unlimited tech support. It
should be noted that the version of Window Eyes bundled with Office does not

allow for the use of Eloquence a synthesizer which has a cult like following

in some circles nor is it coming with the vocalizer voices. Further it does

not entitle its users to free and unlimited tech support incidents which are

being reserved for those who still choose to purchase fully functional
licenses directly from its manufacturer. whether someone is newly blind or

has been so for many years depending on their comfort level the security of

being able to get unlimited tech support when needed might still result in
they themselves or the agencies which serve them to remain oriented to
continuing to make purchases from screen reader manufacturers.
I do not claim to possess a crystal ball through which one can view the
future and while I think it an interesting bit of news I'm not entirely
convinced it's the game changing event some have characterized it as being.

I suppose only the passage of time and the playing out of events will
ultimately reveal more light on that which has transpired and how it may or

may not impact the over all market.
I for one say the more tools one has at their disposal to increase
productivity the better. Happy screen reader usage to one and all no matter

your product or products of choice.

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From: Gerald Levy
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The high cahoonas at FS must already be sweating bullets over this
development, because their silence speaks volumes. Although Eric Damery,
their director of software development and more recently, their new CEO,
John Blake are the public faces of FS, there is really little public
information about who actually owns the company. Speculation is that FS is
owned by wealthy Arab business interests. Will they open their deep
and make a bid to purchase GWM to keep it out of the hands of MS? This
they could migrate Window Eyes users to JAWS and remain a viable company.
Otherwise, if they start losing government contracts to GWM, their future
could be very bleak, in view of the fact that they offer few other
marketable products besides Open Book and Magic.


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From: "Adrian Spratt" <>
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Michael, I like your optimism. However, if I'm not mistaken, the biggest
buyer of JAWS is the federal government, followed by other levels of
government. Laws require government agencies to select the lowest bidder,

all things being roughly equal. These agencies have little choice but to
buy MS Office, so now G.W. Micro has given them little choice but to
select WindowEyes because it won't hurt their budgets one iota. I'd hate
to be the government employee who had to try explaining to his or her
bosses why JAWS is so superior that it's worth paying thousands of dollars

for. This is a shrewd business move by G.W. Micro.

I also worry that its contract with MS will reduce the incentive to keep
on top of developments in the software world. Like Gerald, I'll be curious

to find out how FS responds, which it must.

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From: Jfw [] On Behalf Of Michael
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It may be that with what window eyes has done, there will be so many
using office that GW Micro will be forced to devoting time and resources
would otherwise put toward supporting applications to ensuring its
and Office support. JAWS could then focus more on supporting non-office
application such as visual studio, music editing and creation packages,
whole rest of the software world. I think jaws has a large enough user
that it won't be going away anytime soon. People could download NVDA for
free before this announcement. What effect did that have on JAWS?
TO me, a more interesting question might be whether computer producers
sell new machines with bundled software, including trial versions of
now bundle it with WindowEyes? Will educational institutions, now
they can install window eyes on machine running office, bail on JAWS?
are questions I wonder about.

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