Re: The Future of JAWS

Michael Malver

It may be that with what window eyes has done, there will be so many people
using office that GW Micro will be forced to devoting time and resources it
would otherwise put toward supporting applications to ensuring its Windows
and Office support. JAWS could then focus more on supporting non-office
application such as visual studio, music editing and creation packages, the
whole rest of the software world. I think jaws has a large enough user base
that it won't be going away anytime soon. People could download NVDA for
free before this announcement. What effect did that have on JAWS?
TO me, a more interesting question might be whether computer producers who
sell new machines with bundled software, including trial versions of office,
now bundle it with WindowEyes? Will educational institutions, now realizing
they can install window eyes on machine running office, bail on JAWS? These
are questions I wonder about.

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