IE11 and Embedded PDF files

Adrian Spratt

I still have the problem that I can't access PDF files embedded in a website, and I hope someone here can give some advice, but I have located how to prevent such documents from being read in the browser. For anyone interested, in Adobe XI you now need to make the selection via the accessibility assistant, as follows:

1. alt-e for edit.

2. y for accessibility.

3. press enter on this submenu and select "setup assistant."

4. Adobe forces you to go through the entire setup process before you find the browser checkbox at the very end.

There is a 21-page Adobe XI accessibility document under the heading "Accessibility Resources" at the following page:

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I'm suddenly unable to access what might be embedded PDF files on the Internet. I'm making that inference because another website required me to install the latest version of Adobe Reader just before I experienced this problem.

On my Win6, 64-bit system, I'm running IE11 and Adobe Reader Version 11.0.5.

Past versions of Adobe Reader had an option in preferences for embedded PDF files to be handled by Adobe rather than the browser. I don't find that option in AR11.

I have confirmed that the Adobe Reader add-on is enabled in the browser.

Any suggestions?
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