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What about Money Talks from APH?
I just use it for basic things though.

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I still use Money 2001. I could never find something else that would work.
Unfortunately, I am probably reaching the end of its usefulness. I have
looked at other options and none have met my needs that will work with Jaws.
I am most likely just going to make my own web based one that does what I


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Subject: Personal Finance

Just wondering what people are using ... I have Quicken 2011 which for the
most part is very usable. Quicken 2014 however has made changes to the
register which makes things much more difficult. Just wondering if there
are other things which have been used successfully that interface with banks
and credit cards .. After 4/30 quicken 2011 will no longer allow for the
downloading of transactions, which I find to be a critical feature.

Thanks in advance ...

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