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Andrew J. LaPointe

Hi Listers, I have the same problem with Seeking Alfa, a financial site. When you go to more or next, nothing happens. Andy and Shubert

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Thank you, Kimber, for confirming my experience.

I urge other JAWS users who experience this frustration to email the NY Times "" at

In the past, the Times has acted on receiving complaints about accessibility.

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I just tried and had similar results. Clicking on more didn't nothing
and print never showed up at all.

This is too bad since I always enjoyed the NYT.


On 1/13/14, Adrian Spratt <> wrote:
Last week the New York Times changed format and I can no longer find the
"print" option with JAWS. I do not need this option to print articles, but
to get to a page that isn't cluttered.

I wrote to the newspaper and got the following response:

The print option is under the option "more" from the share box on the
article page. It is with the option to share to Facebook and Twitter.

Several times since receiving this instruction, I've clicked on the "more"
link. "Print" still doesn't appear, so I've gone to the "share" link and
tried there. The odd thing is that the "print" option has appeared on two of
these occasions, but when I click on it, nothing happened. Moreover, I
couldn't get the "print" link to come back. My most recent attempts don't
bring it up at all.

Has any other JAWS user succeeded in reliably locating and using the Times'
"print" option in the past four or five days? If so, any suggestions how I
can bring it up without a lot of trial and error?

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