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What is self-voicing?Sharon

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Jaws itself does not work with the kindle for PC program, at least not
for book content (jaws will read the menus and such but I suspect
that's not what you are asking about).

Instead you install a special accessible version of the kindle
software (available at,

When started that software then detects that you have a screen reader
running (I know jaws and nvda are detected, not sure about WE or
system access), and tyou can then access the book content via
self-voicing. Honestly it would be very nice if the kindle software
would work like a normal program (the available voices are pretty
poor) but I also understand why amazon doesn't do that. Any interface
that could be used to gain accessibility information could also be
used for less legitimate purposes.

On 1/11/14, Fred Quick <> wrote:
Hi All,

I'm having trouble working the Kindle reader on my tablet. Does Jaws work
with this program?
I'm running Windows 8.1. I can find the list of books but when I open a
book, I can't get Jaws to read it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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