Re: JAWS Startup Wizard when I log into a different account. WHY?

Marten Post Uiterweer


I think, the profile of the admin account will not be saved and your usersettings will be lost.

Normally when you logout, your usersettings including the jaws private settings are saved.
I think this is not done when using the admin account, so if you are the only user of jaws on that computer, you can install jaws with the /type roam parameter, so usersettings will be stored in the jaws folder insteat of the profile.
But when using another computer, you will not have the settings that you have made, because they are stored on the first computer.

An other method is to talk with the ict department if they can do something so your appdata\freedom folder will be kept.

Regards, Marten

On Sat, 11 Jan 2014 00:00:04 -0600 Brad Martin <brad@...> wrote:

I have a long-standing practice of having at least two user accounts on a computer--an administrator's account, and a user's account. I usually run with the User's account unless I'm installing some piece of software, in which case I switch to the administrator's account. Problem is that every time I log off and then log on as a different user, the JAWS startup wizard runs. For awhile, I went through it every time, but I found half of my setting choices were ignored immediately following. So now, I cancel the wizard, restart my computer, and log back in as the user I want. When I do that, all the settings I'd chosen in the past come back. This isn't a crisis, but it's highly annoying. If my computer didn't boot up in under a minute, I'd really be disturbed. Is this normal? I remember it happening in JAWS 10 occasionally, but not very often. I'm currently running JAWS 15. I have upgraded to the latest update, but this started with the initial release of Jaws 15 th!
at I installed.

Thanks for any advice; like I said, it's doable, but a pain.


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