JAWS Startup Wizard when I log into a different account. WHY?

Brad Martin <brad@...>

I have a long-standing practice of having at least two user accounts on a computer--an administrator's account, and a user's account. I usually run with the User's account unless I'm installing some piece of software, in which case I switch to the administrator's account. Problem is that every time I log off and then log on as a different user, the JAWS startup wizard runs. For awhile, I went through it every time, but I found half of my setting choices were ignored immediately following. So now, I cancel the wizard, restart my computer, and log back in as the user I want. When I do that, all the settings I'd chosen in the past come back. This isn't a crisis, but it's highly annoying. If my computer didn't boot up in under a minute, I'd really be disturbed. Is this normal? I remember it happening in JAWS 10 occasionally, but not very often. I'm currently running JAWS 15. I have upgraded to the latest update, but this started with the initial release of Jaws 15 that I installed.

Thanks for any advice; like I said, it's doable, but a pain.


This is a test.

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