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Adrian Spratt

A single key-combo shortcut to reach properties on a desktop icon is alt+enter. It opens up "properties" right away and lands you in the shortcut tab.

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Actually, when you right click the icon, go to Properties, not Preferences.
The hot key is probably R. But I'm not sure whether this icon is always on
your path no matter where you are in Windows. I've always used the Explore
Jaws item on the start menu, Explore Program Files, found jfw.exe, used the
file or context menu to create my own shortcut, explicitly moved that to the
start menu and renamed it if necessary. More complicated and possibly

Here are the original instructions with the correction:

Find your jaws shortcut icon on your desktop,
Right click on the icon to open the menu,
Arrow down to properties and hit enter,
Follow the prompts in that dialog box


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