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Can you explain how to do when you say,
Locking the JAWS and PC cursors together
What are the keystrokes?

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Okay. The JAWS cursor is very important here. When the program opens, right click, and you'll here "show-hide Controls." Locking the JAWS and PC cursors together will allow you to see the various control categories. Make sure they're all checked.

Next, take a look at what the individual controls are. Right click again, only this time keep the JAWS and PC cursors separated as you normally would. Also, make sure you're in Classic Mode, rather than the far more restricted Cinema Mode. The latter omits several potentially important audio and video settings you might want to change. Help says the Classic and Cinema tabs are on the scroll bar at the top. You won't see them, but, if you ever need to change modes, use Ctrl-Home to get to the top of the screen, tab over once, and hit Enter. That should do it. I think classic is the default, so, if you're lucky, you may never have to perform this operation.

Speaking of settings, this is the name of one of the controls, and here you may require sighted help. Some of these settings can greatly enhance usability, such as having the movie pick up where you left off, rather than start the whole thing over again every time and try to find your place.

I also recommend consulting the Help file.


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I am trying to find out how to use Powered DVD with jaws. I like listening to movies on my computer & I am having trouble using Powered DVD. Please reply.
Sincerely Yours,
Bruce Davis

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