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Tom Behler

, I have not tried a Jaws repair.

You would think the Jaws software would be more robust and resilient than to
have to require repairs like this after a simple uninstallation, but then
again, given the problems people have had with some of the more recent
updates, sadly, I'm not surprised.

I have Jaws repair instructions here, and will definitely try them.

Thanks much for the suggestion.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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Have you tried a repair of jaws?

I used to use hotspot clicker a few versions ago and had similar problems
but do not remember what the solution was.



At 08:17 PM 2014/01/07 -0500, you wrote:
Hi, all.

I hope this isn't considered off topic, but on a Windows XP computer
that I own, I just uninstalled Hot Spot Clicker, because it didn't seem
as useful as I originally thought it would be.

However, when I access certain program applications, I now get messages
that say something to the effect that Hot Spot Clicker is unable to
function in this application. The message further indicates that I
should close, and then re-start Jaws again. I do this, but the message
still re-appears.

I've obviously done something wrong, or missed a step, in the uninstall
process, and wonder if there is any way I can correct this problem now?

Interestingly, Hot Spot Clicker does not show up any longer in my
programs list under add/remove programs.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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