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Two questions. What is the name of this remote and does it work with firefox? Thanks


On 1/7/2014 9:14 AM, Douglas C. DeCamp wrote:
The version of the controller I have is not assignable. I think they make
some that are, but I don't know anything about these. The drivers for these
devices are built into Windows which is why there is no software required.
I believe there was a small integration script provided with mine to
integrate Netflix into Windows Media Center. I am not aware of any
configuration settings for this remote control funtion. It is designed
primarily to work with Windows Media Center, but does provide various levels
of funtion in other programs.
In general, the arrow keys, enter key, & back key function on the remote the
same as they do on the keyboard. So, for most Internet Explorer
applications, you can use the keys on the remote to read next line, read
previous line, etc. and the enter key will select a link. The back key will
return to the previous internet screen. I tend to use this type of function
for applications like Rhapsody.
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Hello, I'm interested in this unit. Is it an assignable controller, so that
depending on what program you're focussed in, it can be programmed to do
different things with the buttons? It did say no software, so does that then
mean that you configure it within Windows itself somehow?
Thanks a lot.

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