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Brent Harding

I found on my parents' DirecTV that the description even works on already recorded shows even though they don't use the feature. I suppose the DirecTV DVR's just store the raw stream to disk and then decode it as if it came off the satellite when you hit play. I hope that my next apartment is hooked up for DirecTV, usually, the places that offer a discount or free basic package use either Dish or DirecTV, but some, unfortunately, convert it into analog cable where the sap will certainly be lost.

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I did have dish network and now have DIRECTV. I will say that you can
program your DirecTV from the DirecTV website. It takes a bit of time to
set it up but I will use it to tag some shows to record on to our DVR. On
your DVR, you can get the SAP sound feed for audio description by pushing
the green button or by going to audio settings tab from the banner that
shows when you change channels.

Dish networks website is less usable to set up and record programs. Also,
the new Dish network receiver called the hopper does not have the capability
to get the SAP feed at all

Don't know if either Dish or DIRECTV are going to be bringing out a set top
box with a screen reader built in.

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