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The JAWS key is an all-encompassing name that takes into account that users
will either use insert, caps lock or even scroll lock as their modifier key
to carry out JAWS keystrokes. The term JAWSKey is a shorthand to avoid
having to get across the idea that you should use your designated modifier
key plus whatever other key(s to accomplish the desired action.

One thing JAWSKey+window+f4 does is create a log file as I understand.

I have a personal procedure. I don't know why it works, or if it is
entirely necessary. I frequently have lockups involving Internet Explorer,
and JAWS stops speaking. I can run System Access in the situation to regain
speech, but not everybody can do so, and I don't always want to do that. So
I press JAWS key+Windows+f4 repeatedly (it can be over twenty times) until I
hear a beep. Then I can restart JAWS and address whatever issue is going


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you can also use the insert key in place of the JAWSKey.
JAWSKey+Windows+F4 completely removes JAWS from memory when other programs
really screw up JAWS's ability to talk. I'd really like to know the
technical difference between the above mentioned command and JAWSKey+F4.

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I've been told to do a more complete removal of jaws from memory use Joskey
plus Windows key plus F4 then enter

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On Jan 5, 2014, at 2:58 PM, Soronel Haetir <>

<jaws>-f4 then enter.

On 1/5/14, Sharon <> wrote:
Can someone remind me what the keystroke is to get Jaws out of memory so
can bring it up again with alt-control-j? Thanks.


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