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paul lemm

You can set a placemarker on the next link, then pressing K will take you
straight to the next button. If your not sure how to set a placemarker
details below:

1 go to the link you want to set the placemarker on
2 press ctrl and shift and K, which brings up the placemarker window
3 TAB to add
4 enter the name you want to give the placemarker (this usually defaults
to the name of the link anyway)
5 tab down to the checkbox for anchor to text, then tab to ok
6 press k to take you straight to that placemarker (you will unfortunately
however need to do this for each page, but once done it is stored so you
don't need to re do each time you load your pc)
Hope this helps


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Subject: quicker way to activate link

Hello, I'm new to this list. I'm using JAWS 15

I'm doing a class online. I have to activate the next link on every page of
the website. Does anyone know of a way to make a shortcut to activate this
link without doing a links list?



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