computer compatibility with JAWS

Barbara Hansen <the2skibears@...>

Hello JAWS users,

I am new to this list and already learning great ideas. In mid-December, I
was pleased to receive input from some of you regarding recommendations when
purchasing a computer. I plan to heed those suggestions.

I will attempt to make my question brief. Currently, I am using a Dell
laptop, which is about 5 years old. It came with VISTA, which I never liked.
Last year, with help from someone, I upgraded this computer to Windows 8,
because it was cheaper than paying to upgrade to windows 7. I do not really
have any problem with windows 8, however; I can't seem to get the Internet
Explorer for my browser any more. I am currently using Google Chrome. Now,
for some reason, I cannot enter on a link within an email and go directly to
Google Chrome. I have even tried copying the link, then go to my web browser
and pasting it there, but it doesn't work. According to a technology
specialist with services for the blind, there is an incompatible issues
going on with this computer. We tried several times to reload Internet
Explorer, but it just doesn't work.

If any of you have had problems in this area or have any solutions, your
suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year to all of you,

Barbara Hansen

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