Re: Eudora (was another question about programs that work with JFW)

Ben Humphreys <brh@...>


While Eudora lives on in open-source, the last version produced by Qualcom is Eudora and that version is very accessible with JAWS, something that I do not believe is true of the newer open-source versions.

Happily, Eudora works fine with Windows 7 and Qualcom has graciously provided the following code to unlock the full mode without cost:

RegFirstNamePro= Paid_Mode_No_Support

You may download Eudora from



At 02:40 PM 8/21/2011, you wrote:
I now have JFW 12 on my computer and am running windows 7. I was wondering about eudorah. if they still have a free mail program and do they have a version that works with Windows 7?
I used to use it back in the days of Dos.
Thanks in advance.
Bill Deatherage
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