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Dave Durber


If you really believe what you wrote in your post, then you better hope for a month of Sundays. Hehehehehehehehe! Because, while Microsoft, hopefully might correct some of the problems in Windows 8, they are guaranteed to create even more in subsequent versions of Windows.


Dave durber

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I will wait until the next version of Windows 9 or 10 is released. By that
time all bugs experienced in Win 8 should have been resolved.

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Been using Windows 8 for over a year. I'm hesitant to go to Windows 8.1. I
suppose if it is already loaded, that might be OK.
I've heard too many people, however, who have tried to update their systems
from Windows 8 to 8.1 only to find that they had to install all their
software all over again.
I cannot afford that kind of disaster.
As far as Windows 8 is concerned, unless you are a Start Menu junkie, I have
seen little difference. In fact, there seem to be more truly functional
keyboard commands.
If you operate from your desktop mostly (and I do), then the transition from
XP shouldn't be a big deal. Do check around for podcasts on the subject.
There is a particularly good one from, I think, Vision Australia, but I'm
going from memory, and I listened to it about a year ago.

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Hi, listers:
I use Jaws 15 and plan to ditch Windows xp soon. How well does Jaws 15 work
with Windows 8.1? I'm wondering about how much of a learning curve there is
with version 15 and Windows 8.1. Should I move up to Windows 8.1 or go
instead with Windows 7? I need and appreciate your input. Thanks.
Louise Peyton
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