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Been using Windows 8 for over a year. I'm hesitant to go to
Windows 8.1. I suppose if it is already loaded, that might be OK.
I've heard too many people, however, who have tried to update
their systems from Windows 8 to 8.1 only to find that they had to
install all their software all over again.
I cannot afford that kind of disaster.
As far as Windows 8 is concerned, unless you are a Start Menu
junkie, I have seen little difference. In fact, there seem to be
more truly functional keyboard commands.
If you operate from your desktop mostly (and I do), then the
transition from XP shouldn't be a big deal. Do check around for
podcasts on the subject. There is a particularly good one from, I
think, Vision Australia, but I'm going from memory, and I listened
to it about a year ago.

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Hi, listers:
I use Jaws 15 and plan to ditch Windows xp soon. How well does
Jaws 15 work with Windows 8.1? I'm wondering about how much of a
learning curve there is with version 15 and Windows 8.1. Should I
move up to Windows 8.1 or go instead with Windows 7? I need and
appreciate your input. Thanks.
Louise Peyton
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