Re: Problem with Outlook 2007 and JAWS 15 Driving Me Crazy

David Whitehead <davidwhitehead1957@...>

firstly, do you have your spell check setup in tools slash options?

also, you may want to try the jaws update which has been just released:

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Subject: Problem with Outlook 2007 and JAWS 15 Driving Me Crazy

Hello all.

I posted this a few days ago and haven't gotten any response. Hopefully
someone might read this and can offer some suggestions.

I have JAWS set up to read messages automatically in Outlook. After opening
a few messages, the automatic reading stops and the message is opened in an
edit window. this means I have to use the say all command to read the
message. Besides shutting down and restarting JAWS and/or Outlook, which
doesn't always fix the problem, is there anything else I can do?

I also just noticed while composing this message the f7 key does nothing;
so this message hasn't been spell checked.

thanks for any help or suggestions.


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