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Hello, I am using my iPhone and I don't see how to get it to automatically scroll without touching the panning buttons or rocker bars. I have looked in the manual and in the Josh settings Center and I don't see what to do
I really have tried to look through everything I can. If anybody could give me any tips I would definitely appreciate that. Thank you

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That will be depending on whether you are pairing the Focus with the phone or the PC. In the PC you will need to go into the Setting Center and search for Braille and change the scrolling speed there. You can also slow the scrolling speed when connected to the PC from the Braille display and I'm not sure what keys or buttons to press to slow the scrolling down.

Original message:
Hi all, my name is Lelia and I just got a focus 40 blue from a friend,
I got all the packaging with it including the braille manual and the
cd, I also have an iPhone 4 s with the latest update. here is my
question, can or is there a way to instead of scroll or panning through
a line of Braille in a book, is there a way to continuously read a line
and have it go directly to the next line? I know I can have it read
from top to bottom of a page but it goes so fast that I of course can't
keep up. I hope I'm making some kind of sense here.
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