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Just wanted to know about this. If a user buys a USB Numeric Keypad would it work for the user? This would eliminate having to assign keys on the laptop with no insert key? I have seen seen some USB Numeric keypads with extra keys which a user could assign say the application key if needed. Also in JAWS setup wizzard he can change the layout from laptop to desktop if a USB Numeric Keypad is used.

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i'm using lenovo here but unfortunately i dont have insert key, yes,
you're right, insert key. need to press fn+page down, for insert, and
fn+page up for scroll lock and something like that! So it's very
difficult for me, using lenovo g485. so be careful when choosing! just
sharing my experience.

On 15/12/2013 0:20, Peter Tighe wrote:
> Allison,
> I think you are getting some very good advice on this thread!
> I would add the following ideas.
> 1. I lean toward Lenovo
> 2. 8 gigs of ram would be best but checking on Amazon quickly, I don't
> find too many laptops with that much ram.
> 6 gigs might be acceptable, but 4 gigs of ram is definitely not enough.
> 3.
> Processor speed and type, I think is very important.
> I think you should get an I5 rather than an I3.
> 4.
> Mor important, I think the processor speed should be no less than 2.5 GHZ
> It seems to me that each new version of Jaws, Kurzweil, Openbook and
> Microsoft office is more resource intensive.
> That's why you need a good fast processor speed. While you ar making
> a new investment, you may as well get enough horse power to pull the
> heavy load!
> Peter
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>> Hello everyone,
>> I have been using JAWS with windows XP for 5 years and have had very
>> few issues. But since support for windows xp is ending soon and I am
>> going back to school, I am looking to buy a Windows 7 laptop. But all
>> of the resources I have read on and other sites
>> are kind of vague about the system requirements needed for JAWS,
>> especially with regard to processor speed. I am not a tech expert, so
>> all of the jargon overwhelms me. Five years ago, I worked with DVR who
>> purchased my laptop through a vendor, but this time since I have some
>> money from a temp job, I thought it would be fun to pick out my own
>> laptop. Little did I know how overwhelming this would be. So I am
>> wondering if anyone who uses a windows 7 laptop and is happy with it
>> could give me specific recommendations on exactly which brands (Dell,
>> Lenovo HP etc) you have found to be the most blind-friendly in your
>> opinion, and exactly what specifications you have found to work best.
>> Thank you so much in advance for any input you can offer.
>> Allison Nastoff
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