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sorry but cant help, anyway, maybe when you bought that computer, it comes with pre-installed software, try removing them it! if me, i'll format them first, and install a clean windows and then install my program of choice. just sharing my thoughts, sorry.

On 15/12/2013 12:36, Dave "Farfar" Carlson wrote:
Looks like a powerful enough CPU and memory to me.

Maybe you have too many things loading up before Windows starts.

Try this:
Type: msconfig
Ctrl Tab to the startup page
arrow down that list and uncheck anything that you don't think you need --
and that could be everything except JAWS.

See if that helps.

Dave Carlson
San Francisco Bay Area semi-retired sales engineer, Farfar, musician, and

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The subject line says it. Just a few more details are that I'm using jaws
15, but even earlier versions take a long time to load.
I got this computer in 2011 and here are some general specs pulled from the
properties window.

Is this not enough computer to handle jaws?
Grins and cheers, Brian

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